1st National Dams Congress – Ankara-TURKEY/2012


Leaded by State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) of Turkey, International Comission On Large Dams Turkish Committee (TRCOLD), Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects (ATCEA); and voluntarily supported by universities and private sector consulting compaines, the 1st National Dams Congress -for which the studies was started at the beginning of 2012- took place on October 11th-12th, 2012 at Congresium Ankara-TURKEY ATO International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Hidro Dizayn chaired the Structural Design Committee among the committees “Seismic Assessment”, “Hydraulic Design”, “Hydrology”, “Earth Dams”, “Concrete Dams”, “Dams Safety”, “Structural Design”, and “Permanent Equipment” which were formed to have a common national guideline on “Dam Design Criteria”. The Structural Committee’s studies were presented by Mr. Aldonat Köksal (Managing Director of Hidro Dizayn) as being the chairman of the committee. In addition to this, our civil engineers Mr. Özgür Tuzcu and Mr. Murat Işıldak made their presentations on “Powerhouse Building Design” and “Derivation-Bottom Outlet Design” respectively.

Hidro Dizayn will continue to support voluntarily such kinds of events having high importance for Turkey as did in the past to share its knowledge.   And thankful to DSİ, TRCOLD, and ATCEA for their leading roles in organizing this event.




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