Site supervision staff forms the majority of our staff throughout the company. Starting by the end of 2010, we also offer this service internationally, i.e. in Georgia for Paravani Weir and HEPP project. Depending on the size of the projects, we deploy changing numbers of staff for each project. Within the scope of this service, our site supervision team does the following activities:     

  • Checking the site productions conformance to the drawings and specifications,
  • Reviewing the weekly/monthly progress reports prepared by the contractors,
  • Reviewing the monthly payment reports prepared by the contractors,
  • Assessment of contractor's solutions/recommendations in regards to the execution,
  • Organizing and chairing weekly/monthly meetings,
  • Controlling of contractor's HSE management,
  • Controlling of site laboratories,
  • Controlling the contractor's field measurements regularly,
  • Controlling the contractor's quality management by a site quality team.