Application Process

Welcome to the section, where we tell you about the application process.

Your application to general or vacant positions will enable us to get to know you better after going through the processes stated below. In this way, we will assess your suitability together, for the position you apply for.

Our growth dynamic: Your application

The first impression is something we really care about. Therefore, we expect you to introduce yourself in the best possible way. You should send us your resume through our system with a cover letter. We also recommend you to upload the diploma of the last school you graduated from and your employment certificates of your previous work places to the system. Your training certificates for the last five years will allow us to gain speed in assessing your suitability for the position. Please do not forget to indicate the closest date you can start work or how much notice we need to give you as well as your salary expectation.

Our turn: Preliminary Assessment

We will work hard on your application. It is important to us that you have a resume that matches the position you are applying for as much as possible. Do not worry about other applicants being more qualified than you. We can also consider you for other vacant positions. We can contact you by phone or e-mail at this stage, do not be surprised. This is a method we use when we want to get more information about you.

A short interview: Phone Interview

After reviewing your application, we may make a phone interview with you. This is especially the case if the position you are applying for requires special qualifications. We would like to receive preliminary information about this special qualification of yours on the phone. We will contact you to set a date for the phone interview.

Welcome: First Job Interview

Once you have convinced us of your qualifications, we will want to meet you personally. This interview will be between you, our human resources officer and/or the head of the group you will be involved in. We will introduce our company and group to you. We will talk in more detail about the duties, responsibilities, and authorities of the position. We will also provide information about your advantages.

Final stage: Second Job Interview

You convinced us in the first interview. If this is the case, we will invite you for a second interview. Unlike the first meeting, there will be a member from the management. We will talk about the points that were not detailed in the previous interview as well as the questions that may come to your mind in this process, if any. It is important for us that you do not have any unanswered questions about the position. We need to make sure you fully understand our expectations from you.

At Tractebel Hidro Dizayn, what we care about most is your personality. Therefore, we do not consider it appropriate to subject you to any tests, and prefer to rely on the information you provide.

To summarize, we look forward to your application. You can be sure that we will make the best use of it. You can find a suitable position by regularly visiting our Vacant Positions page. Our general application announcements can also be found here.