As being founded in 1998 and shortly becoming Turkey’s fastest growing engineering company mostly specialized in hydropower projects, Hidro Dizayn Engineering, Consultancy, Construction, and Trade Inc. has an important role and responsibility in Turkish engineering and consultancy sector. Since February 2011, Hidro Dizayn has become a subsidiary company of Lahmeyer International Group. Hidro Dizayn offers a wide range of engineering and consultancy services focused mainly on hydropower projects. The majority of the activities provided exist under:

  • Hydropower
  • Irrigation
  • Flood Prevention
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Large Scale Hydrogeological Investigations

Dating back to its origins, the company has developed in more than ten years since its foundation into one of the leading national engineering companies in water resources covering a wide variety of projects, and offering international services as well. To name a few, Georgia, North Iraq Region, Turkic Republics, and the Balkan countries are those that Hidro Dizayn actively involves in developing new projects.

Since the beginning of 2011, Hidro Dizayn employs more than 190 people in total, working either at home office or at site. 

Having executed hundreds of projects in Turkey, Hidro Dizayn starts to offer services internationally. By involving in development of partnership entities like ventures, Hidro Dizayn combines his knowledge and experience with the other organizations to overcome the challenges of the international projects. 

Hidro Dizayn’s goals are to dominate the Turkish engineering & consulting sector and create innovations to bring its brand name on international market. As the company proceeds to accomplish these goals progressively, the core principles of delivering the services on time, accurately, and dynamically are strongly followed. The company uses the latest technology, and engineering methods and standards to provide cost and timesaving solutions to his clients.

Hidro Dizayn, -together with his well experienced teams, sub-consultants, partner companies, and various universities will continue to contribute to the outcomes of the future projects with success.