Protection of Personal Data


As Tractebel Hidro Dizayn, we attach importance to the security of your personal data. In this context, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (hereinafter referred to as PDPL), we take the necessary measures to protect your personal data in the best way and thus to prevent illegal access and data processing attempts during the processing and transfer of your personal data to third parties.

In order to fulfill our disclosure obligation arising from Article 10 of the PDPL, we submit the following clarifications to the attention of our Employers, Suppliers, Business Partners and third parties using our Website. As Tractebel Hidro Dizayn, we reserve the right to update this “Clarification Text” about the protection of your personal data within the framework of the changes that can be made in the current legislation.

Tractebel Hidro Dizayn is the “Data Controller” as defined in the PDPL.

I. For What Purpose the Personal Data is to be Processed:

Pursuant to the PDPL, your personal data is processed by our company, which is the “Data Controller”, both to carry out our daily routine activities and to increase and improve our quality. We have obligations to store information or report or inform the relevant authorities in order to complete the necessary documents in order to participate in the tenders announced by private companies and official institutions and organizations, to recruit personnel and create personal files, to make payments to personnel and institutions or execution files as per our legal obligations, and pursuant to the legislations and contracts for the engineering and consultancy services provided by our company. In this context, your data is processed in the following cases:

  • In accordance with the Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law, Social Security Law and other current legislation, Tractebel Hidro Dizayn, its Partnerships, Shareholders and Group Companies (together hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY) are obliged to record the data of their Employers, Partnerships, Shareholders, companies belonging to the group to which they are affiliated, their personnel and candidates who have applied for a job, to report them to their relevant parties when necessary and to store these for the periods determined by law.
  • In order to maintain its existence, the COMPANY participates in tenders announced in Türkiye and abroad by both private companies and official institutions and organizations, and shares the data of its personnel, Employers, Partnerships, Shareholders, affiliated group and group companies and candidates who have applied for a job with the company through different channels with the relevant parties within the scope of the tender in order to complete the documents requested in the tender specifications.
  • In accordance with the Labor Law and personnel employment contracts, the COMPANY processes personal data belonging to the personnel in order to fulfill its legal obligations such as recruitment, payroll and resignation procedures, creation of personal files, follow-up of leave rights and uses, calculation of legal benefits and additional fees or deductions to be provided to the personnel. These data are also shared with banks regarding the payments to be made to the personnel and with institutions such as courts or law enforcement agencies in case of requests with legal justification.
  • The COMPANY also issues notices about the company’s rules and principles in addition to informative announcements. The contact details provided to the COMPANY are also used for this purpose.
  • For the security of the COMPANY and all people within the physical limits of the COMPANY, card (turnstile) entry system and security cameras are used, identity details are recorded by assigning an entry card to everyone who enters and exits other than the personnel. Security cameras record 24/7 both indoors and outdoors of the company and can be shared with law enforcement pursuant to our legal obligations.
  • In order to carry out the works in the best possible way, the COMPANY has made various devices such as photocopier, computer, printer, scanner, telephone and fax and telephone and internet access of these devices available to all people within the physical responsibility limits of the company. These rights of use and access are limited at different levels according to the location, title, authority and responsibilities of the persons. As a deterrent measure against the use of these devices and telephone, fax and internet access for illegal or unethical purposes, the so-called “log” records are also kept as well as filtering and restrictions in all kinds of transactions made over the internet. The fact that these records contain personal data due to non-business uses will not put the company under any responsibility and the COMPANY reserves the right to share these records with attorneys, law enforcement agencies and judicial bodies in order to protect its legal rights and legitimate interests.
  • The data of the personnel, Employer, Partnership, Shareholder, affiliated Group and group companies and the candidates who have applied for a job with the COMPANY through different channels are recorded in accordance with the legislation and contracts regulating the engineering and consultancy services carried out by the COMPANY, reported to the relevant authorities and shared with the relevant parties. THE COMPANY is obliged to keep the said records for the periods determined by law.
  • The processed data are used within the scope of the management of the company, the execution of its works, the implementation of company policies and the execution of relations with the companies we are affiliated with or work with jointly. In this context, necessary information is acquired from the data and shared with relevant suppliers, solution partners and our Employers within and outside the company for works such as training and fair/seminar organizations, meetings, travels (transport, vehicle provision, airport transfer, accommodation, parking lot registration, etc.), COMPANY introduction and business card printing, and mass cargo or e-mail notifications are permitted.
  • In order to ensure your security and to fulfill the obligations of our Company pursuant to the law, your personal data are shared with relevant institutions or organizations to the extent permitted and required by the regulatory provisions including but not limited to the Labor Law, the Occupational Health and Safety Law, the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, the Law on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and the Fight Against Crimes Committed Through These Publications, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Personal Data Protection Law, the Identity Reporting Law as well as public legal persons such as the Personal Data Protection Authority, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Customs and Trade, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Turkish Employment Agency (İş-Kur), the Information Technologies and Communication Agency. For example, the personal data of the personnel must be shared with the Social Security Institution in order to pay the employee and employer premiums.
  • In addition to the routine/periodic reports that the company is obliged to provide to its Management and Partnerships, Shareholders and Group companies to which it is affiliated, detailed research and studies on certain specific issues are also prepared and personal data are shared with the relevant parties in this context. A similar condition applies to the reports and analyses that the company is obliged to provide to its current or potential employers.
  • THE COMPANY participates in promotions, seminars and conferences and plans training activities in line with the objectives of continuous development and improvement. The current education level, certificates, organization memberships and fair-convention participations of the personnel are assessed within the scope of planning new ones. In the event that the personnel takes part in events such as fairs/seminars/conventions on behalf of the company, personal data are shared with the relevant parties for participation in these activities and for announcements and advertisements made by the COMPANY before and after the event. Technical articles, design, reports and assessments prepared by the personnel are presented in such activities and shared within the COMPANY.
  • Your personal health data will be shared with the first aid team of the COMPANY in case of emergency medical assistance, as well as with the relevant personnel of the health institutions and organizations responsible for intervention if necessary.
  • In addition to human resources applications such as Kariyer.Net, the COMPANY stores job applications directly to the “CAREER” module on its website and to the e-mail accounts used for routine works in the relevant databases through web-based software developed within its own body and uses these databases primarily if it needs personnel. Along with the correspondence and interviews with the applicants, the notes taken and the comments made by the COMPANY officials are also recorded in the said databases.
  • In case of benefits and other value-added services to be provided in favor of the Personnel such as campaigns, marketing, promotions, advertisements, promotions, gifts, discounts, the COMPANY shares data with domestic or foreign third parties working with contract relations.
  • In order to fulfill the legal obligations related to occupational health and safety, relevant personnel data are shared within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety and Occupational Medicine services received from the workplace physician and/or Common Health and Security Unit companies contracted periodically (project-based, etc.).
  • Personal data are stored in common information systems established by the EMPLOYER, such as in servers or clouds, in databases in these environments, in accordance with the standards on information security and protection of personal data and the relevant legislation, especially the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

II. To Whom and for What Purpose the Processed Personal Data May be Transferred:

Your personal data stored by the company may be transferred to our domestic and foreign partnerships, shareholders, suppliers, customers, official or private institutions or organizations or other third parties and public institutions and organizations that have the right to legally request personal data within the scope of our company’s activities and in accordance with the relevant legislation, under the conditions described above.

III. Method and Legal Reason of Collecting Personal Data:

In order to fulfill our legal obligations, to enter into tenders, to communicate with the employer and personnel candidates, to make contracts and to carry out the works and for the reasons stipulated in the laws as the COMPANY, a large number of information, documents, reports, projects, documents, etc. are collected by the COMPANY during the performance of the contract as well as the pre-contractual and contractual processes pursuant to the legitimate interests of the company.

Personal data obtained through newspapers and internet advertisements for personnel supply, web-based human resources platform used within the COMPANY or other employment companies such as Kariyer.Net in return for their fees or included in the resumes and other relevant documents shared with the COMPANY in the job application and job interview processes that the candidates have made upon their own will, data recorded by the candidates and users in the COMPANY’s computer software as open to the use multiple persons in physical and/or electronic environment, in servers or in web-based professional and social networks as open to the access to third persons are collected in line with the legitimate interests of the COMPANY.

Card (turnstile) entry system and security cameras that record the entry and exit times are used for the security of all people within the physical responsibility limits of the COMPANY, and personal data is also collected by the operation of these systems.

Since the salary of the Personnel in execution proceedings must be deducted and transferred to the execution file on behalf of the personnel as one of the legal obligations of the COMPANY, personal data can also be collected through legal documents and notifications received by the COMPANY related to the subject.

IV. Rights of Personal Data Owner Specified in Article 11 of Law No. 6698:

By making a written application to the company pursuant to Article 11 of the Law No. 6698, you have the right:

  • To learn whether your personal data have been processed or not,
  • If it has been processed, to learn relevant information, the purpose of processing and whether it has been used for this purpose,
  • To learn who is/are the third party/parties in the country or abroad to whom the said data is transferred,
  • If your personal data is incomplete or incorrectly processed, to request correction,
  • To request deletion or anonymization of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article 7 of the Law and notification of the transactions made by the COMPANY to the third parties to whom the information is transferred,
  • In the event that a result arises against you due to the analysis of your personal data exclusively with automated systems, to object to this and request compensation for the damage if you suffer damage due to unlawful processing.

V. Application of the Personal Data Owner

Personal data owners will be able to submit their requests regarding their rights listed in Article 11 of the Law and mentioned above to us by filling the “Personal Data Information Application Form” at Procedural requests submitted to our company will be finalized within 30 days at the latest. In the event that the conclusion of the said requests requires an additional cost, the fee in the tariff determined by the Board may be requested from the applicant by our Company.

VI. Contact Details

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