What We Offer to You

What We Offer to You


What awaits you in Tractebel Hidro Dizayn is not a career in the classical sense. The variety of tasks you undertake and the responsibilities you take on from the very beginning are opportunities you can take advantage of in order to build your career.

The vast majority of our employees are project managers, project engineers and technicians. If you are interested in these tasks, we will assign you to the right position to make the best use of your knowledge and experience. You will witness the difficulties encountered in every project and experience how they are overcome step by step. This allows you to improve your current experience. You may find yourself taking on a project on your own in a short time. You take on small projects first, and then large, complex projects where you can exhibit all your qualities. We trust you for this.

Sharing knowledge: A Tractebel Hidro Dizayn tradition.

Sharing knowledge between employees is a policy that our company constantly observes. This sharing of knowledge, which is not limited to the knowledge of employees, includes keeping close to universities, professional organizations and freelance consultants on new technologies and trends. We keep our knowledge up to date by participating in different national and international forums and conferences. Encouraging our employees in terms of academic career and helping them in their theses is another tradition we continue.

If you define career as continuous growth and advancement in knowledge, relationships, qualifications and experiences, then you can join us and say hello to an extraordinary career.