Our Business Approach

Tractebel Hidro Dizayn is one of the first companies to come to mind in Türkiye in its field of activities. It owes this to its fulfillment of its contractual obligations at all costs, its abilities, its realistic and conscious approach to quality management. With this awareness, it has developed an understanding of work that would maintain these values in a strong state. Project managers, engineers and technicians motivate themselves by their contributions to project success and solution. Moreover, the opportunities we offer our employees are also encouraging. We have a salary system associated with performance as well as seniority. For our consultancy works at the project site, a different salary plan is applied based on the location and nature of the work.

What you will witness in our Head Office and Site Teams is an actual teamwork environment that is respectful to each other. Collaboration and cooperation between groups, quick decision making and open communication are other components of the atmosphere we offer to you to use your time effectively and efficiently. What about working hours? Of course, the most important issue we pay attention to is that the project processes are carried out in the most ideal way. Each employee plans their own business volume accordingly. Although some days are busy, we generally comply with the working hours.

We prefer long-term engagement with our employees. Our company, which does its part in ensuring this, is known as a company that grows by gaining experience with its employees and we are sure that it will continue like this!

For our headquarters staff, dinners are organized at regular intervals in order to give our employees the opportunity to communicate with each other. Events such as billiard, bowling and darts can turn into ambitious competitions.