Hydroelectricity, which undoubtedly ranks higher when it comes to renewable energy, is one of the main service fields of Tractebel Hidro Dizayn. To date, Tractebel Hidro Dizayn has provided engineering or consultancy services in the planning, design, construction, or operation stages for many hydroelectric projects with different characteristics and a total installed power exceeding MW.

Thanks to its expert staff and knowledge, Tractebel Hidro Dizayn is your solution partner in all kinds of renewable energy projects. In this field, Hidro Dizayn is one of the first companies that come to mind in Türkiye, and is supported by Tractebel(1), which is known for its worldwide experience, when necessary.

Hydroelectric projects are engineering wonders that are embodied by the harmonious work of experts from various branches of engineering and sciences, especially geodesy and photogrammetry, meteorology, geophysics, geology, agriculture, environment, civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics, from planning to operation. So much so that it is not possible to use the same design even in two facilities built within a distance of only a few hundred meters. Hundreds of hydroelectric plants that Tractebel Hidro Dizayn has contributed to as designer or consultant at every stage from planning to operation are light for the people of our country, power for our industry and clean energy source for our future generations.

  • Hydroelectric Plants with Storage, Without Storage or Small Storage
  • Hydroelectric Plants with Pumping Storage

With the support of Tractebel(2), Hidro Dizayn completed numerous projects in Türkiye in the field of:

  • Wind Power Plants,
  • Concentrated Photovoltaic (CSP) and Solar Power Plants (PV/SPP),
  • Geothermal Power Plants (GPS),
  • Biogas and Biomass Plants,
  • Distributed and Hybrid Energy Systems,

and continues to provide services in line with the needs of investors from the feasibility phase to commissioning and rehabilitation works.

(1) With over 150 years of experience in renewable energy projects, Tractebel offers first-class engineering and technical innovations that will bring success to any project.

(2) Tractebel has achieved a hard-to-break record by carrying out the planning, design or consultancy works of over 500 wind (of which 100 area offshore type), over 400 solar, over 500 thermal and over 150 gas power plants. Within the scope of these projects, over 30,000 km of power transmission lines, over 400 substations and over 60,000 km of gas pipelines have been projected.