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Are there any typical qualifications that Tractebel Hidro Dizayn looks for in applicants?
It is difficult to generalize this. However, in terms of qualifications, you must meet the conditions of the position you are applying for.
Moreover, it is important for us that you are willing and excited about different tasks and that you are in harmony with your teammates.

“Urgent” is written in application deadline section of some positions. Will I be assessed if I apply for these positions despite the required notice period?
Of course. We want to fill most positions “urgently”. However, we can tolerate if you are the most suitable candidate for the position.

What should be included in my application?
Basically, you can submit everything in your application that will ensure that it is assessed correctly by us. In particular, we would like you to upload a cover letter in our system that briefly explains why you are the most suitable candidate for the relevant position. You should also upload the diploma of the last school you graduated from and the documents of your previous experiences to our system. Adding your training certificates for the last five years, if any, will speed up the assessment of your application. Please do not forget to write in the system the earliest date you can start working or the notice period required for you and your salary expectation.

Where will I work?
This can vary depending on the position. Your work location is defined for each vacant position. If you are applying for positions in our headquarters, you will work in Balgat – Çankaya / Ankara. If you are applying for our project-based consultancy (construction supervision) positions, depending on the situation, you can be sent directly to the project site from your location or you may work in our headquarters for a certain period of time, before the siteworks.

What should we understand from “being fit for travel”?
The fact that our projects or customers are in different cities of Türkiye or even abroad may require short-term travel. Since we have obligations related to this issue in our contracts, we expect our employees to participate in these sitework and meeting trips. We inform our employees about these travels as early as possible, plan them with them and ensure that they are prepared.

Where are your consulting services usually located?
Tractebel Hidro Dizayn’s objectives include having a say in the overseas market. For this reason, in addition to our consultancy services in Türkiye, we are participating in an increasing number of consultancy tenders in foreign countries, especially in Georgia, and we are looking for experienced candidates to be evaluated first in the tenders and then in the consultancy organizations.

Is it a sought-after qualification to speak the language of the country we go to in overseas duties? Don’t worry. In general, it is enough to have a sufficient level of English to do the job. We can explain this as having a good level of English to be able to write and discuss all technical issues about the work under your responsibility with clients, customers, and contractors.

How should I make my application? Electronically or by mail?
You must submit your application electronically through our system.

Are vacant position announcements on your website constantly updated?
Of course, you can follow all vacant positions here. When a position is closed by hiring a suitable candidate, we immediately delete it from our system.

Can I make a general application?
Yes! You can apply to our “General Applications”, which we announce periodically, through our system.

Internship and Thesis

Is there an internship and thesis opportunity?
There are internship opportunities in our company. Our company employees can do master’s/thesis studies related to the projects they work on.

How can I apply? What should be included in my application?
For internship, you can apply to our announced “Internship Applications” through our system. Application for the thesis is allowed only for our employee.

Vocational Training

Can I get vocational training in your company?
We do not provide such trainings.